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  • Aug 02, 2016
  • Sruly Markowitz

Register Print Group shifts to solar energy

Die größte PV-Dachanlage in der Region Hannover und eine der größten Anlagen in ganz Niedersachsen zum Zeitpunkt der Fertigstellung.

Our clients know that delivering effective marketing solutions that exceed expectations has always been one of the core tenets here at Register Print Group. What they may not know however is that we are also dedicated to producing our work with the most efficient and ethical methods possible.

In our mission to reduce our carbon footprint we have already converted to 100% soy/vegetable-based inks, recycle 100% of our excess paper cutoffs and board, and become an FSC® Certified printer.

The latest development in our ongoing Green Programs initiative is the addition of a solar panel system that will eventually cover almost 100,000sq ft and produce a major source of clean, renewable energy.

“Reducing the carbon footprint is something near and dear to Register. Our utilization of solar electricity will help us rely less on fuel burning power sources, and is in line with our other Green programs such as plate chemistry, substrates, and energy efficient lighting and HVAC.”
– Barry Goldbrenner, V.P.

Spread across the roofs of our two primary production facilities located in Clifton, NJ, the system will not only have a marked impact on our carbon footprint in terms of energy offsets, but may also in time help us reduce the costs of projects for our clients.

The solar panels on the Bloomfield building – located at 1155 Bloomfield Avenue and home of our print production department – cover 65% of the roof surface, and will deliver 240kw at an initial energy offset of 12%. They are scheduled to start producing electricity in early September.

The panels on our Isabella building – located at 40 Isabella Street in Clifton and home of our packing and shipping departments – cover nearly 85% of the roof surface and are rated at 440kw, which will provide an initial energy offset of 15%.

Combined for both buildings, the solar panel system will offset our total energy usage by 25% or more. In conjunction with other projects in our Green Programs Initiative, this represents a significant reduction in our overall carbon footprint.

At RPG we are proud of our ability to make your brand look its very best while maintaining the highest standards in environmental protection. Our clients should feel good about doing business with us!

For more information about our Green Programs Initiative or to ask any questions you might have, please contact us today.