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  • Jul 06, 2016
  • Sruly Markowitz

A GIANT addition to our die cutting capabilities


The Young Shin GIANT with EZ-Feeder is the second Young Shin device in our unique oversize die cutting department and it takes our production efficiency to a new level.

This precision flatbed die cutter incorporates both high-quality production processes and a fully configured system for maximum speed. It features a knuckle system for maximum cutting pressure (550 US tons) and sheet-separating blowers to ensure perfect execution in every run.

While both of our GIANTs are capable of cutting oversize dimensions of 55”x80”, the new EZ-Feeder component allows for more rapid throughput and faster time to the assembly tables.

With the EZ-Feeder component, the new device is capable of cutting 1500 units per hour. When combined with our original machine, our output can easily exceed 2500 units per hour and gives us the flexibility to work on multiple projects at once.

This allows us to manage complex orders and larger runs at a faster pace than ever before, which ultimately equates to significant cost-savings for our customers as well as a faster turnaround time.

Purchasing the second Young Shin takes us to a whole new level in POP manufacturing. With 2 high-speed large-format flatbed die cutters, our capacity to simultaneously handle multiple complicated projects is multiplied many times over. Compounding benefits include two side-by-side make-readies for complex runs, and streamlining multiple display parts for assembly line finishing.

– Steve Goldbrenner, VP of Production

This device is another milestone in our quest to provide not only a turnkey operation for our clients, but also one that is capable of handling any quantity of work they need in record time.

For more information about our enhanced die cutting solutions or new equipment investments, please contact us today.