Register News
  • Jul 10, 2016
  • Sruly Markowitz

A digital printing revolution at Register Print Group


Our new oversized digital baby is 25% faster than our existing HS100 model, and greatly accelerates our high-volume, oversize digital printing capabilities. With two incredible machines capable of printing a combined 185+ quality boards per hour, we are ready to take on the most demanding and time-sensitive retail jobs our clients require.

Both HS models can print on surfaces up to 3.2 meters wide and on a variety of rigid and soft special materials, from synthetics and woods to vinyl, plastic and even extra-thick media (up to 2”). The fully automated, on-demand material handling and production system of the HS125 also means we can print longer and transition between multiple projects faster than ever before.

The HS125 also features EFI’s UltraFX Technology, which is an advanced, inline clear print capability that enhances the visual impact of printed images without adding time-consuming or costly steps to the production process.

This mix of precision and efficiency that we would be able to offer our customers was one of the key draws that prompted us to invest in this device.

Register Print Group strives to create a single stop facility featuring the latest state-of-the-art equipment, such as the EFI HS125. We are dedicated to consistently upgrading our capabilities to provide the necessary services that the demanding POP and POS atmosphere requires.

– Gene Markowitz, Partner

We’ve worked with EFI products for many years and they are brand we trust to deliver outstanding graphic quality and production efficiency for our customers. With the HS125 and HS100 in our facility, we are excited to be able to offer greater product customization and appeal in everything from signage and packaging to décor, apparel and industrial manufacturing.

For more information about the HS125 or our digital printing capabilities, please contact us today.