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  • Jul 24, 2016
  • Sruly Markowitz

A ‘cutting-edge’ addition to our production capabilities


Another new investment in our quest to deliver better, faster service, the Zund G3 is a large, versatile flatbed die cutter with diverse functionality that facilitates an optimized workflow for peak efficiency. Its intelligent control technology allows for automated 24/7 multi-shift operation for superior turnaround times on large projects. Combined with our two existing Kongsberg iCuts, we now have the ability to cut any size, any material, at any deadline.

The Zund G3 uses sophisticated software and HD cameras to achieve precision placement of all materials regardless of weight or cutting requirements. This means superb cutting accuracy across the entire working area, with maximum modularity and user-friendly operation.

One of our favorite aspects of the Zund G3 is the vast range of modular tools which allow it to cut a wide spectrum of materials up to 4.3” thick. In short order we can adjust the capabilities of the G3 to handle tough, dense corrugated cardboard and plastic, carbon fiber, vinyl, fiberglass and more. There are also perforation attachments, gentle cutters for soft materials, and creasing tools to achieve complex designs.

The list of modular capabilities is truly incredible, which ultimately means that our versatility, speed and precision in the cutting field is second to none.

Like the compounding effect we saw with our two Young Shin GIANT flatbed die cutters, coupling the new Zund G3 with our current Esko i-Cut Production console allows for much faster production in precision cutting because we can work on multiple projects at once.

The Zund G3 with the center winder is one of the best choices in the market today for cutting fabric and roll work. It will double our output capacity in our digital cutting division and has given us the ability to cut up to 126-inch-wide rolls.

– John Petillo, Director of Digital Printing

By adding the Zund G3 to our cutting repertoire, our customers can now expect an even faster turnaround time on high-volume projects at a lower cost than ever before.

For complete details about the Zund G3’s cutting capabilities, or how we can help you create beautiful and complex designs with it, please contact us today.