Green Initiative
Green Initiative

Pioneering Sustainable Printing Solutions

At The Register Print Group, we seek to revolutionize not only printed products, but also printing practices. Through our Green Initiative, we are honored to operate in a manner that coincides with environmental incentives.

The Register Print Group’s Ecofriendly Assets

FSC® Certified Printer

This certification proves conscientious printing practices, such as only printing with paper that comes from certified paper mills.


All of our inks are either Soy- or
Vegetable-based, fully biodegradable
and consist of natural, raw ingredients.


All excess paper, cut offs and board are recycled. In
addition, our plates are constructed from recycled
aluminum and are developed without the use of
energy-hungry ovens.


All of our cling and lo-tac plastic materials are
sourced from non-PVC materials.


Our facility is powered by 130,000
square feet of solar panel roof tiles to
maximize energy efficiency.


The Register Print Group is always searching for
new avenues and conservational alternatives to
minimize our carbon footprint

Go Green with The Register
Print Group

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